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FM200 Cylinder Hydraulic Test

FM200 Cylinder Hydraulic Test


Client can visit our offline store in person (pick up the FM200 Cylinder after 7-10 days upon notification) or apply for doorstep delivery options. (price includes round-trip shipping)


Yuen Long Offline Store:

New Lucking Offline Store: Unit A, G/F, Hung Wai Industrial Building, 510 Leung Yip Street, Yuen Long


Opening Hours:Monday to Saturday 09:00-18:00, Close on Sunday & public holidays



1 Lead time: 7-14 days upon order received.

2 The test will be conducted by Lucking Engineering Limited.

3 Certificate of completion of the test will be issued.

4 Refilling each kg of FM200 gas costs an extra $400. The total net price will be confirmed after our inspection.

5. It is expected that 20% of the gas will be consumed during the test.

6. Extra cost will be incurred if the delivery location requires staircase climbing.

7. This service does not include any fee charged by any other third party.

8. This service does not support outlet islands.

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Commercial Product: Free Shipping on Orders Over $5000 or above
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