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2KG Powder Fire Extinguisher

2KG Powder Fire Extinguisher


Model code: MFZ / ABC2
Suitable for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000V
Manufacturing unit in Mainland China: Zhejiang Fire Equipment Co., Ltd.

Height 37cm
Radius 5.3cm

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Powder fire extinguisher

Powder fire extinguishers, also known as dry powder fire extinguishers, store dry powder in the tube and undergo a pressurization process. Powder fire extinguishers can extinguish most fire alarms, such as burning flammable liquids, metal products, small fires of electronic equipment or machinery, and suffocate the fire source. Fire Ease Co., Ltd. sells powder fire extinguishers of different sizes and specifications, and the products are certified by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. Welcome to the website of Fireproofing Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) to purchase powder fire extinguishers.


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