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Fire Equipment Rental

  • No need to worry about equipment maintenance and disposal

  • HKFSD approved models and FS251 Certificate included

  • Suitable for short-term use

*The brand of fire extinguisher may vary depending on the actual situation

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Rental Process

Place an order in the online store and provide information for the issuance of FS251 fire certificate

Pay at the online shop (including full rental fee and refundable deposit)

You can choose the desired pickup time in the rental confirmation letter

Waiting for our colleague to call to confirm pick-up time/delivery time 

Return the equipment to the store on time within the rental period / wait for on-site recycling, get back the deposit


Powder Extinguisher

Co2 Extinguisher


Water-Based Extinguisher 

Foam Extinguisher 


Fire Blanket

Fire Bucket

Why rent fire safety gear?

Affordable price (refundable deposit)

Suitable for short-term use (weekly rental available)

Free door-to-door delivery, recycling equipment and annual inspection (rental for 1 year or more)

No need to worry about equipment maintenance and recycling

Hong Kong Fire Services Department approved and includes FS251 Fire Service Certificate

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